Local businesses and building owners have already dedicated spaces for the painted murals. They recognize the value of the arts and placemaking, and know they are essential to enhance quality of life and revitalize buildings and our city.

When a community comes together, creative placemaking can be astounding. Around the world, combined energies and interests have used it to transform communities and inspire positive investment and change. 

Creative placemaking is used by communities to engage residents, enhance public spaces, and contribute to healthy 

communities. It is a strategy to improve community well-being and prosperity while also fostering conditions for

cities to define, draw attention to, and distinguish themselves on a global scale.  

The success of creative placemaking is dependent upon public, private, and nonprofit organizations collaborating with

artists and citizen groups to create vibrant and visually appealing public spaces. The Clinton County Arts Council is a

proud advocate of placemaking; we have witnessed the incredible impact it has had on communities and are taking action.

With support from the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, we plan to host the first-ever “Art of Dining”; a fundraiser to bring the arts to St. Johns. Art of Dining is a fine dining experience that showcases our community’s public spaces and outdoor assets while featuring work from local artists. Funds raised from the event will go toward supporting artists to bring a variety of artistic creations to the area, including several large-scale murals for downtown buildings.

What is Creative Placemaking?