A few of the attending artists

Art to melt your heart 2017

Art to Melt Your Heart

Last year Mary Ablao and Tracie Davis "Art to Melt Your Heart," a fun and creative children's art program. The program back came back for its second year as a family friendly class will be hosted at Studio Retreat and Gallery in downtown St. Johns.

This year the family friendly class was hosted by Mary Ablao as a two-part class. First, Abloa worked with each individual parent and child to create a fun, heart warming painting. Then, the family came together to create a collaborative piece, drawing from each individuals original work.

The program involved over 9 families and 14 children all together. The final products are now on display at the CCAC Gallery, also in downtown St. Johns.

Some of the attendees

The Art to Melt Your Heart Exhibit being set up