•Robert Egger (LA and DC kitchen)• Acrylic 2012 N/A
Konan - 5th Grade

The purpose of this mural is to not only beautify an area of our downtown, but also draw in passersby and create a fun, positive experience for the viewers. For this reason, we want our mural to have what we are terming an “interactive” aspect. We are defining this loosely, and will encourage our applicants to use their creativity in determining what an “interactive” mural can be. Our ultimate desire is a mural that will make people stop, approach, and photograph the piece.

The preferred idea will be something that people can take photographs of themselves. Our secondary goal is that people will take these images and share them on social media. A requirement for this mural will be the inclusion of the hash-tag “#stjohnspublicart” somewhere on the piece. We are hoping to make this a larger campaign at a later date, and feel this will be the perfect way to start a movement to place more public art in St. Johns.

The mural is also required to have a theme appropriate for, and related to, the St. Johns area. This could mean it is related to any of our local industries, our cultural heritage, or other related themes. 

The St. Johns Downtown District Authority (DDA) and the CCAC are seeking an artist to create a new, interactive mural in downtown St. Johns, MI. The goal of this project is to activate economic vibrancy and art awareness through the creation of a mural that will bring color and culture to our city’s downtown. The Artist will partner with the DDA, the owner of Gilroy’s Hardware and the Clinton County Arts Council (CCAC) to revitalize a well-deserving part of our downtown. 

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What we are seeking

Gillroy's Interactive Mural Project

One example of what we would consider an "interactive mural." This mural is from the "Global Angel Project."

Call for Artists