Britney DeMello, Ovid
   "Take A Seat"
    to be etched near the City Park Pavilion/Shell

Take a seat In the grass or on a chair even on the picnic table over there

Take a seat You will see this is where they came to hear the proud guitar strum

Take a seat Soon you’ll feel the beat Your feet will start tapping to the drum

Take a seat And before you know it you’ll be clapping to the rhythm of this well loved song

Take a seat For a spell and listen to the music at the William E. Tennat shell

Judy Williams, St. Johns
   "Wilson Center Tribute"
    to be etched in front of the RBWilson Cente

 Once we walked these hallways casting our shadows gently upon the walls.

Can you hear our laughter and camaraderie still echoing as you enter through the door?

This structure endures.

But we are not these water stained portraits that line the halls within.

Armed with the knowledge that was granted here, we stepped forth.

Our life's work to begin.

And so these images enshrined inside bear witness not only to what once was. But how we were transformed.

Marie Heard, St. Johns
   "Railway Echoes"
    to be etched in front of the Train Depot

Churning, chugging, pulling, lugging Sweating, spinning, engine grinning Shov’ling, stoking, fire’s smoking Rumbling down the track Whistles, pistons, coal, or steam Cars and engine roar and scream Locomotion—such a dream Racing down the track Grand Trunk Depot faithfully manned Add new mem’ries, hand in hand Annie, Smith, and Barney stand Proudly on our track