About the Artist:

Tamara (aka Tea) Brown is a local artist from Lansing, best known for her paintings and murals. She was the first muralist chosen for Lansing’s ArtPath 2018, where she created an inspiring mural entitled “Break Free” located under the Shiawassee Street bridge. This mural won her People’s Choice Award. She participated in Artprize 2017 with a bright, colorful, 1200 sq. ft. mural in Grand Rapids entitled “Be the Light”. She also has a current sculpture on display at Artprize 2018 titled “Water of Life”.

She is committed to this project and is volunteering many of her hours to work one/one with the individual groups as they learn techniques and how to scale their image to become an 8'x10' mural.

The Clinton County Arts Council (CCAC) is so excited to announce the “Legendary Artists Passage” community mural project. This mural project will take place under Business 27 in St. Johns along the Fred Meijer CIS Trail.

Our mural project is structured to be educational while also aiming to promote local talent and engage the community by turning empty walls into huge public canvases and the results will have a lasting effect on our local neighborhood. 

We have contracted with muralist, Tamara Brown (Tea) of Tea Time Art, LLC., who will paint the north side of the underpass.

Eight groups and/or organizations, such as 4H groups, churches and school can register by November 30, 2018 to paint 8’x10’ sections on the south side. Each group will select a historical artist from a list (such as Michelangelo, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh). As a team; they will research the artist and sketch a design that represents that artist’s timeline in history and/or style of work.  The groups will work closely with Tea to scale their design.  They will have the opportunity to fundraise the cost of $400 each between now and April 2019. Mural installation will take place in June, after prep work is completed by volunteers.

We believe this project will build a stronger sense of community.  The mural will make the trail welcoming and walkable; a place many will seek out and enjoy.

We also feel it is important to lift our youth’s creativity and teach them to take pride in their artistic talents.  This project will teach the young people to collaborate and work together during the various steps required to paint and design a mural.  

A special Thank You to Postal Connections and their support with the printing of posters!!

This project is approved and supported by the City of St. John's City Manager and the Mid-West Trail Authority.

The Clinton County Arts Council is a non-profil organization and graciously receives funding from the St. Johns Area Community Fund as well as the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

Participating groups include:

Clinton County Economical Development

Ovid-Elsie National Honors Art Society

DeWitt High School Art Department

Kiwanis Club

​Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative (MYOI)

St. Johns Downtown District Association (DDA)